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His Uterus; Her Lover

His Uterus; Her Lover is a fast-paced dry comedy which deals with the complexities of relationships in contemporary society and retains a simple moral- help the friends you love. The short is a witty, dialogue-driven narrative that takes place across a couple of days in the lives of four well-formed characters: Sophie, an attractive, assertive author is six months pregnant with Jonathan’s baby. Jonathan is gay, suave, and happily married. His husband Conner is worried about the strength of their marriage and whether it can support a child and whether Jonathan ever wanted it… or him. Sophie’s younger boyfriend, Richard, also worries about the impact of the child and withdraws from Sophie sexually. Sophie, in turn, becomes more and more frustrated. Comic issues are played out against the landscape of contemporary London: Sophie laments her sex life loudly at her book signing and consoles Conner in a suit shop while Jonathan teaches Richard how to sate Sophie in a crowded pub. The plot is bookmarked by Sophie and Jonathan travelling on a bus- they are in transit.

The film is a touching snapshot of their day to day lives- the warm relationships which buoy them and, of course, the biting London humour which invigorates them.

Year: 2011
Duration: 18 minutes
Format: RED
Country: England
Genre: Comedic Drama

Writer / Director: Claire Leona Apps

Producer: Alexandra Marrache

Cinematographer: Maeve O’Connell

Cast: Hugo Harold-HarrisonJaleh Alp Nathan Evans,  Patrick Fryer 

Composer: David Hermann

Editor: Adam Biskupski 

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