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Yogasana at Dog Eared Studios

Dog Eared Films' studio is offering yoga classes and workshops. Please review the dates below to ensure the class you want to attend is on and email if in doubt. This will be updated at the start of the week. All payments are in cash to the teacher.

1 hour class is 10 pounds, 1.5 hour class is 15 pounds, 2 hour workshop is 20 pounds



SAS the design supernovas have made another amazing digital ad in the Studio. 
See if you can pick out which ad they filmed with us from browsing on their website! Like a digital design version of Where's Wally!

Prayer Room

The film is a 20 mins documentary about Jay Ryu, as a Christian, following a journey searching for the way to collaborate with Muslim women by inviting them into the space called ‘Prayer Room’.  

Watch Dog

BBC Watchdog team used Dog Eared Studio to film some interviews. Watchdog is a show with topical reports and investigations into the big names and smaller rogues letting BBC viewers down.


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