Bye Bye Rtister!

Rtister have now flown the coop and set up shop at their swanky store in Chelsea!
We wish them a lot of luck in their retail endeavours. Check out their site with directions to the store here.

We aren't going to be lonely in the office for long though, our new neighbours have been found!
Watch this space for who they are...


No, not the car, calm down... We've recently made a few additions to the DEF equipment storeroom and thought it was a good opportunity to show off what we have. As a full service production company, DEF has a range of Camera, Lighting, Sound, Editing and Studio facilities including 10' x 20' Green Screen. Get in touch for more details!

Office available for rent

Our Spare office is available again come August, 2013 (as our wonderful friends have moved to a shop front)

It's a fantastic 300 sq ft space on the 2nd floor of our building in Kings Cross, with parking and access to kitchenette and an awesome roof garden. 

Plus you get to be our neighbours. We'll sing you the theme song every morning... wait, not sure if that's a selling point. Maeve will sing, Claire will most definitely not sing but she could attempt to play the oboe. 

Get in touch if you would like to learn more. 


New Intern! Meet Rianna Goss!

DEF has taken on it's very first Intern: Rianna Goss... and my is she great. You will get to know her voice well, as she is going to be attacking our social media like there is officially no tomorrow (there probably is a tomorrow, folks.. please don't panic). Also she's going to be supervising some of our shoots so if you are a regular, or even just fancy coming by for a quick coffee or alcoholic beverage of choice, you'll get to meet this fantastic gal in person. 


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