Rebecca Hall hopefully to play lead in Ruminate

Rebecca Hall looks like she may play the lead the in Claire's next short film, Ruminate ... Fingers crossed, as she's a busy woman. Claire and Rebecca have wanted to work with each other for a while, so later 2013 might be the chance! After all she is the bon diggity and a complete DEF favorite. It's a simple but beautiful film that we can't wait to bring to ya'll.... so keep watching for updates. 

And Then I was French

Okay, we here are DEF have an honesty policy, we we're not going to lie : Claire may be going a little bonkers. But in the name of high quality script writing! ooooh the humour. The final draft of And Then I was French is looking to be finished by April. How exciting is that.

Get in touch if you fancy a read or want to get involved. DEF couldn't be more excited to be stampeding into their first feature later this year. Love it! 


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