Stewart Gilchrist Teacher Training!!

Dog Eared Studio is happy to announce that it will be hosting senior yoga teacher, Stewart Gilchrist’s 2016 teacher training. Both his 200 hr and 500 hr will be happening across the year in this very building. Stewart’s knowledge, ability and general entertainment value is matched by no one. This is London’s paramount yogasana teacher training and we can not recommend it enough! 

Bank Holiday Yoga Workshops!

Yep, that's right folks! There will be TWO Yoga workshops on Monday!

First up is our resident Yogini Claire Apps, teaching an OPEN LEVEL FLOW class from 3pm - 4.30pm

Secondly, we're pleased to announce Andy Page as a visiting teacher, who will be teaching a VINYASA WORKSHOP right after at 4.45pm-6.15pm!

Put that pint of beer down and be sure to come on down and spend your Bank Holiday in the best way you could!

The Helmut Newton Party! THIS SATURDAY!

HOW exciting does this sound?! Event organisers COCO London are hosting The Helmut Newton Party here at Dog Eared THIS SATURDAY!!

With free, yes FREE (!) themed cocktails, music and arts from the 1950s, a casino corner (place your bets now...) AND a special surprise for guests, this event is surely going to be a corker!

Tickets sell out fast so grab yours now while you can from COCO London's website and for more info see our Gallery page.

Aitor Throup Fashion Event

Well... that was bloody exciting! Aitor Throup exploded awesomeness all over DEF's building from Jan 7 - 9! Read all the press here. Such a cool and interesting show, unlike anything we've ever seen before. Just the sorta stuff that we love to host. 

Oh and YES that is Sergio from Kasabian DJing.... Sorry girls, couldn't give you advance notice. We need to keep our crazy hot celebs protected from the masses.... or at least thats the excuse we are using for keeping him all to our selves. 

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