Stewart Gilchrist Teacher Training!!

Dog Eared Studio is happy to announce that it will be hosting senior yoga teacher, Stewart Gilchrist’s 2016 teacher training. Both his 200 hr and 500 hr will be happening across the year in this very building. Stewart’s knowledge, ability and general entertainment value is matched by no one. This is London’s paramount yogasana teacher training and we can not recommend it enough! 

For information about his workshops out of Dog Eared Studio, please go here. 

For information about his teacher trainings, please go here


Stewart is known throughout London for his popular, fast-paced and fiery classes. He infuses his high energy and challenging teachings with yogic knowledge, banging beats, as well as his unique charisma, humour and gift of the gab! His classes include an emphasis on breath, a steady stream of verbal suggestions and strong physical adjustments. For open-minded students looking for a challenge, Stew’s classes will push you to take your practice further. Stewjuri applies the ancient teachings of yoga to the modern world to create a thought-provoking class.
Having trained as Jivamukti teacher in 2003, Stewart’s spiritual journey led him to train all over the world with teachers who have had a profound effect on his unique style of teaching. He offers his eternal gratitude to all his teachers: Sabel Thuram, Chogyam Trungpa, Guy de Bord, David Life, Sharon Gannon, Bob Marley, Gandiji and Swami Niramalanda.