Yes that's right and we're highly excited about it... It's our short film Ruminate, shot at the end of 2013!

Written and directed by Claire Leona Apps, with cinematography by Maeve O'Connell, we had an incredible experience working with Rebecca Hall (Transcendence, The Town and Vicky Christina Barcelona), Olivia Poulet(In The Loop) and Brad Moore, and my oh my did we have a blast.

If you follow us on Twitter you will have been aware of the fun times we had filming, however take a look here to read more about production and have a sneak peek at some behind-the-scenes stills.

We're super psyched about sending the finished film to festivals once post has been completed, so keep you eyes and ears peeled (yeah we don't get how you can peel your ears either, but hey, let's roll with it...) for info on when it will be premiering near you!

Follow the page to see updates!