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About Dog Eared Films

Dog Eared Films is a collective of independent filmmakers and artists based out of Kings Cross.

The brainchild of filmmaker Claire Leona Apps, Dog Eared Films was formed with a single ambition: to make films. And not just any films but ones that are artistically told, beautifully shot and with enticing narratives that are hard to forget. They kick-started the whole adventure with a music video for a friend. He gave them a handful of five-pound notes and a brilliant song. They hired an abandoned studio under a railway bridge from some models shooting a topless western and arrived with wallpaper and paint….

Since then Dog Eared Films’ metamorphosis’ has brought them through documentaries in Asia, art commissions on super 8 and award-winning dramas to founding a unique, creative hub in Central London: A large, light gallery space and a flexible studio for film or photography hire.  (which fortunately allows a much greater scale of production, but unfortunately means less topless models)…

Since our launch, we have been home to the London Photography Festival, Alcatraz pop-up hotel, Aitor Throup’s latest fashion launch and our studio has been transformed into cult Kerrang! Award-winning music videos, idents for Danny Boyle’s Olympics Opening Ceremony and all sorts of backdrops for large budget TV commercials.

When it comes to storytelling- use your heart and imagination because nothing is impossible for the ladies of Dog Eared Films!

If you are interested in working on a Dog Eared Film, production crew please send your CV to

Claire Leona Apps was raised in Asia before relocating to Britain, where she graduated in Pure Mathematics at Imperial College before an MA at the London Film School.

Writing and directing credits include Gweipo (starring Francesca Annis, winner of ‘Best Short’ at Tiger Far East Film Festival and ‘Special Jury Prize’ at AFIA Film Festival), documentary “Aceh Recovers” shot in Indonesia, stop animation “Plastic Love” (Filmaka level winner), “Girl Blue Running Shoe” (seen at the Great North Museum, on BBC1 and Cork Film Festival), “Ruminate” (Starring Rebecca Hall, St. Louis International Film Festival).

Her debut feature film, And Then I was French (screened at East End Film Festival, Middlebury Film Festival) was nominated for best thriller at the National Film Awards in London, and Little White Lies and Hero Magazine announced it as a “must see”.

The film, starring Joanna Vanderham (“What Maisie Knew”, “The Paradise”) is a kooky, genre-twisting thriller with a surrealist tilt aimed at young adults and released through Summer Hill Films across Amazon, iTunes, Xbox, and DVD in 2018.

“Bat and the Kid”, her next script, was final three at EWA Berlinale Residency.

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