About Dog Eared Films

Dog Eared Films is a collective of independent filmmakers and artists based out of Kings Cross.

The brain child of filmmaker Claire Leona Apps, Dog Eared Films was formed with a single ambition : to make films. And not just any films but ones that are artisticaly told, beautifully shot and with enticing narratives that are hard to forget. They kick-started the whole adventure with a music video for a friend. He gave them a handful of five pound notes and a brilliant song. They hired an abandoned studio under a railway bridge from some models shooting a topless western and arrived with wallpaper and paint….

Since then Dog Eared Films’ metamorphosis’ has brought them through documentaries in Asia, art commissions on super 8 and award winning dramas to founding a unique, creative hub in Central London: A large, light gallery space and a flexible studio for film or photography hire.  (which fortunately allows a much greater scale of production, but unfortunately means less topless models)…

Since our launch, we have been home to the London Photography FestivalAlcatraz pop-up hotel, Aitor Throup’s latest fashion launch and our studio has been transformed for cult Kerrang! Award winning music videos, idents for Danny Boyle’s Olympics Opening Ceremony and all sorts of backdrops for large budget TV commercials. 

We have a keen interest in developing relationship with artists, filmmakers and event organizers alike. The set up has changed but the mantra’s the same: take a good script and then beg, borrow and blag what’s needed. When it comes to storytelling- use your heart and imagination because nothing is impossible for the ladies of Dog Eared Films! 

If you are interested in working on a Dog Eared Film, production crew please send your CV to cv@dogearedfilms.co.uk.  


Claire Leona Apps - Founder - Writer & Director

Claire Leona Apps was raised in Hong Kong and Indonesia before relocating to Britain, where she graduated in Pure Mathematics at Imperial College before completing an MA at the London Film School, graduating as a director. For a decade her work with in the industry has been fuelled by a strong narrative drive, vivid imagination, desire to challenge people’s everyday perceptions and a fascination with the moving image. Read More

David Hermann - Composer 

David Hermann grew up whistling complex melodies in dark German forests before moving to England on his own at the age of 16 because he wanted to wear tweed. David has composed music for several TV productions in Germany and Switzerland, steadily amassing an impressive portfolio. Read More

Rianna Goss - Ex-Intern gone studio supervisor  

Rianna Goss was born and bred in the Yorkshire city of Sheffield. Now living in London she is trying to keep to her roots by holding on to the accent. As well as being our Social Media Intern, keeping you in the loop and up to date with all the goings on here at Dog Eared Films HQ, she is a successful Stills Photographer graduating with a BA (Hons) in Photography & Digital Imaging from the University of West London. Read More